Creating Your Own Confidence

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What is leadership? What does leadership look like to you? What is your leadership style? Why would you be a great leader? How do you envision yourself leading? Do you envision yourself leading in your current role? Would you like to advance to another position? Why can’t you be a leader?

Regardless of what profession you are in, you have to believe in yourself to be a leader. The root of leadership/power is confidence. When you have a firm, confident foundation and core, you can exude leadership skills and keep calm in chaos. Take insecure and say “I’m secure” and apply this to your everyday life. The goal is to gain confidence in life and to gain confidence in your role. If you exude confidence, you’ll encourage that in others as well. When you have the confidence to lead and empower your own life, you’ll have the confidence and empowerment to lead others.

Building confidence will help to:

• Value yourself
• Work through work conflicts
• Get to the next steps of advancement
• Publicly speak
• Lead various age groups and both genders
• Take risks
• Authentically know your talents
• Look for networking opportunities to be seen as a leader where can you represent your company

How do you build confidence?

• Focus your energy on your strengths
• Do one small thing each day that’s out of your comfort zone
• Delete the negative self-talk
• Make a list/vision board of your goals
• Journal what it is about you that would make you a great leader
• Implement steps everyday to work towards your goals
• Ask people for testimonials of your work and build a portfolio
• Understand and accept that failing at something is not being a failure and to gain strength and confidence from these experiences
• Build not only a thick skin, but a suit of armor. Brush off bad experiences and don’t take things personally
• Acknowledge your achievements and accomplishments


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  • John matthew douglas

    Captivating read. Leadership #100 Thanks for sharing.

    • Melissa Clark

      Thank you so much!

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