A Woman of Many Shoes – Tips for Work-Life Balance

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Affirm yourself—Believe that you can achieve balance, and you will be motivated to take action. Don’t talk yourself out of things because you feel overwhelmed. Believe in YOU!

Wellness within—Let’s consider wellness as a whole: mind, body, and spirit. Your first priority is to make sure you are in the best state of being. Ensure that you have a solid foundation to balance each aspect of your life. Even when things are chaotic in life and business, if you are centered and have a solid core, you can create calm amid chaos.

Prescription for wellness—Incorporate daily exercise and adequate sleep; eat healthy; spend 10 minutes meditating or doing a yoga class; spend a half-hour doing something you love, such as listening to music, reading, or watching a favorite TV show. Take vitamins, and reduce all toxic things in your life. Reduce whatever stress you can control and let go of the rest. Be mindful in the moment and don’t worry too much about yesterday or tomorrow. Practice thought balance. First we have to balance within ourselves to balance all other things in our lives. Wellness comes from within.

Preparation—To achieve maximum work-life balance, prepare as much as possible each week. The more you prepare, the more free time you will have.

Prioritize—Determine what’s most important to you. If you have work needs and kids’ needs, decide what you can do to delegate responsibility to have more time to spend with your priority.

Flexibility—Always plan for life’s unexpected turns. Have a plan B or C on hand.

All things in stages—As women we often feel that we have to juggle all our responsibilities and make people believe that we are invincible. The truth is, we’re not perfect, and if things don’t work out as planned, that doesn’t make us failures. We need to accept that we cannot and should not do it all. Things come in stages in life. You have to learn to accept that sometimes we have to delegate, sometimes we have to say no, sometimes we need to request help. All of these things are OK! Balance the things that you can balance at that time.

Multitask—Doing several tasks at one time comes fairly easily to many women. That’s a big advantage in our ability to juggle life and work. Here are ways that you can learn on the go while being at home: Listen to a webinar to up your business while you are putting away laundry or making dinner. Catch up with friends on a quick phone call or video chat during lunch or a break. Pay bills and go online as dinner cooks. Always think of ways to multitask. Ask your family and friends for suggestions. In the long run, you are making time for other things in life.

Enjoy life—There is no easy answer to balancing everything as a working woman, as a mom, or both. Doing your best and working with all you have is what you have to do. Everyone’s life varies, and it’s not a one-size-fits-all model. Remember to take time to enjoy life and savor every moment.

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