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New book! “The She Shift”

The She Shift is a book created by women for women. The She Shift acknowledges high-profile businesswomen who have paved the way for other women, presents statistics about women in the workplace as well as female entrepreneurs, and provides examples of how women are taking the reins and empowering one another.

Twenty-five dynamic, successful women, from various backgrounds, industries, and regions share their stories of life and business. These inspirational women describe their triumphs, tribulations, and journeys. The She Shift is a resource by women for women, seeking inspiration and advice to become entrepreneurs and advance in their leadership roles. The She Shift is crafted to highlight women influencing the world, creating legacies for future female leaders, and to globally inspire, empower, and enlighten the audience.

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Audio Guide – The She Shift’s Guide for Entrepreneurs

As an entrepreneur, there are many questions regarding starting and scaling a business. This audio guide will provide quality tips, to not only assist you as an entrepreneur, but will inspire you to follow your passions. This guide is full of great information for businesswomen and inspiring thoughts for female entrepreneurs.

Audio Guide – The She Shift’s Guide to Work-Life Wellness and Women’s Leadership

We live in a time where women are balancing work and life. As a former wellness professional, The She Shift founder Melissa Clark, knows how and why our wellness as a whole, play a great role in our professional lives. In addition, how our self-confidence plays a role in advancing in leadership. The third piece is how a company culture, plays a significant role. This guide provides tips in all three areas of wellness and leadership starting from within ourselves, how we apply our internal confidence to advancing and the workplace culture. These tips will help guide you to the next level of leadership.

Audio Guide – The She Shift’s Guide to Writing, Self-Publishing and Book Marketing

If you are an aspiring author or an author who is seeking marketing ideas, this guide is for you. These are tips from The She Shift Founder and fellow author, Melissa Clark. Melissa has spent years researching, writing and marketing books. This guide is a condensed version of Melissa’s knowledge. These tips will help you spark your ideas and guide you to the next steps of in the book writing and marketing process.

Melissa Clark Song – “Steel-Toed Boots,” to empower women!

Melissa Clark wrote the lyrics to this song to globally empower women. This song is about a strong woman who takes the reins in her own life. This upbeat piece is sure to inspire women everywhere to feel strong and empowered.

Melissa Carter

Customized Superhero Letter for Kids

The She Shift inspires women and empowers the next generation of female leaders. It is essential to build the confidence and self-esteem of young girls in the early stages of their lives.

“Inspiration Icon” is a superhero and her superhero power is turning negative into positive. She also encourages confidence and makes everyone see the best in themselves. Order your customized PDF letter, featuring “Inspiration Icon.” All you have to do is email the details about the child or children and Melissa will customize the letter to them and email you the finished letter!

Becoming a Blogger or Influencer

The She Shift has partnered with LadyBossBlogger, an online platform which guides female entrepreneurs in creating and scaling their own online businesses and blogs. Are you interested in becoming a blogger or influencer? LadyBossBlogger is offering great courses to help you along the way. For more information, checkout the link below.


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