Gaining confidence from rejection

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Rejection is redirection and rejuvenation

Throughout life and our careers, we experience rejection and one of the hardest experiences is feeling experiencing a “no.” Rejection was a huge fear of mine until I experienced multiple rejections as an entrepreneur. I have pitched many things for my business and as an entrepreneur, you are emotionally connected to your business. In the beginning I would feel disappointed to feel this rejection, but as time went by, I would look back in hindsight and say, “I wasn’t meant to have that because there was something else that was meant for me.” I began to look at this as redirection to other opportunities. It is OK to feel disappointed however at some point know that something else is coming. I also called rejection, “rejuvenation,” because in all the times I’ve felt rejected, I’ve grown from those experiences and became emotionally stronger. I used to say I had thick skin and now I say I have a “suit of armor.” A great activity is to write down the times that you have felt rejected in business or other opportunities and for every instance, also write down a success that you have experienced and how you have grown from the challenging times. It’s important to recognize our growth and successes and to put our focus and attention on those things as well.

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