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As a corporate businesswoman and entrepreneur, my life is always on the go. Between balancing life and work, I’m consistently utilizing my physical, mental, emotional and spiritual energy to keep up with everything. I’ve learned that it’s so important, as busy as we are, to take time for yourself and allow yourself to rejuvenate-physically and mentally. We can experience a lot of “noise” from the world and within ourselves. Meditation is a great modality to help us return to our center and focus on the present. An amazing woman in my book, The She Shift, gives advice to women in business regarding mediation.

Bethany Gonyea explains the following:

My suggestion to women in business is to take time for stillness every day. To begin, just sit in silence for five minutes and tether your mind to your breath. Each time your mind wanders off, because it always will, gently and lovingly lead your thoughts back to your breath and feel it land in your body. We only receive downloads of wisdom in the present. When we rehash the past or worry about the future, we eclipse the now which eliminates our ability to receive intuitive wisdom in the present. Eventually, work up to meditating at least 20 minutes a day, “Unless you are busy, then you should meditate for an hour a day,” according to an old Zen saying. I could never understand that Zen adage until one day I realized why it suggested we should meditate more when we are busy. It is because when we are busy, we have a lot more noise in our mind to sift through before we can hear our intuitive voice.


Bethany Ann Gonyea, MS, is the founder and director of NUMINOUS; the sponsor of the Albany Peace Project. For over 20 years, Bethany has watched people invoke the power of focused healing intention to facilitate health and well-being during hundreds of private and public biofeedback sessions. Biofeedback is essentially the art and science of intention, and it continually demonstrates through objective instrumentation that our minds have an immediate and profound impact on our bodies. But what if we harnessed the same intention outside our bodies? Could we positively impact the world around us? Intentional and prayer research suggests we can. When people direct the object of their healing intention toward simple biological organisms such as plants and seeds they grow bigger and produce greater yield than control samples. To learn more about the classes she teaches, please visit To learn more about Bethany Gonyea and living courageously through meditation, visit

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