Mentoring/Empowering Others on Your Journey

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By Melissa Clark


One of the things that I have been fortunate enough to experience are mentors in my life. I have met women that have experience in business, and I would request to meet or have a phone call, to be able to ask questions, share my experiences, but more importantly LISTEN to their advice and learning tools. Take notes!! I have learned an incredible amount from other people with business experience, and I have also changed business direction because of some people’s advice.Mentors are not only valuable and knowledgeable about the business experience but can also look at your business from the outside, as opposed to the owner, looking from the inside out. Also, take what you learn and pass it along to the next generation of leaders.


We exist in a time where women empower each other. I find, where you enable another woman, show gratitude, ask for help, show your vulnerability, you get much further. Being kind and helping people along the way, will help empower you professionally and personally. Don’t step on toes, be a stepping stone for others. We are all in this together. Be a guide, a resource, a friend, an ally, and an inspiration throughout your business journey.

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