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Storytelling and personalizing your brand, are so essential at this time and the way the marketing trend is moving. This is a time when personal and professional branding is colliding. I call this “surface to substance,” because audiences want more in-depth stories and people/products to relate to. Humans relate to other humans, and this is where it’s becoming essential in business marketing. When we tell an authentic story or situation to our audience, it is captivating. When marketing yourself/sharing your information, regarding your brand/products and services, incorporate an authentic story or situation that the audience can relate to and offer something that will make the audience intrigued with you and your brand. This not only grabs attention but creates a trustworthy relationship with your audience.

Marketing and social media are ever-evolving, however at this time we need to be mindful of certain trends. Social media platforms, such as Facebook is now a paid platform for companies and now has very precise ad targeting tools, so this could be worth investing in. Create videos! There’s nothing like having someone visualize and feel connected with you. Live and recorded video and video ads are soaring across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and even LinkedIn. It is important to create consistently engaging content for your audience. Implement analytic tools, so you can can gauge your video/website visibility/work with an SEO manager/social media expert. Utilize webinar tools as well for marketing your business and brand. Have a call to action on your social media, leading to your social media pages and website. For example, “checkout this link for five tips on marketing your business.” Post this and have the link lead back to your blog or website. For more information and to see how to captivate and keep consistent, view my page @thesheshift on Instagram or visit The She Shift on Facebook

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