Five Key Tips for the Entrepreneurial Journey

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If you are an entrepreneur, you are leading and taking action and that alone is enough reason to give you confidence. When you doubt your business, and there will be those times, always remember your “why.” Why are you in this business and what motivates you? For me, my passion and drive to help women, and to inspire future leaders, is my “why.” As an entrepreneur, we all go through stages of being overwhelmed and doubtful, but keep going and work through that feeling. Keep moving one step towards your goal.


It’s so important to focus, focus, focus. As an entrepreneur, we can get so distracted by everything we have going on in life and business, but focusing is accomplishing. Be in the moment and focus on what you are trying to achieve in that time. I say this speaking from experience, because I look ahead often and have to remind myself not only to see business at that moment, but embrace the successes and challenges and enjoy the journey in that moment of time. One who lives in the minute gains the hour. This means you live in that moment and are productive now and know where to be time efficient and understand where you need help and it gives you more time to focus and grow your business.


Always start with your heart. I always say, start your business authentically. When you love what you do and have a mission and passion behind it, you’re driven by making a difference, not driven by making a dollar. Earn a passionate paycheck. Striving to aim high financially is fine, but don’t let it be the reason you are in business. When things do get challenging, always go back to why you started. I recently was referred to as a “superstar.” I gave this a lot of thought and thought that I am a “superstar servant.” I live with my passion and purpose, and the business is ultimately about helping others and I’m serving my purpose.


Your passions are what you love, but also where you exemplify strength. I’ve learned that writing is one of my passions and strengths, so deciding to write books, came naturally to me. For me, I work full-time as well; that is my livelihood. Although, you can be lively about other things in your life and turn those hobbies into a business. It doesn’t have to be your livelihood for you to be lively about it! Defining and recognizing your passions is the first step of the plan. When starting your business, it is essential to identify your goals, your mission, what you are representing and know what you’re offering. It’s a key to be able to explain what your products and services are and be confident in your business so that other people are confident in you as well.


Having future goals is essential. I’ve always looked at the big picture. My advice is to set a timeline for ideas or create an outline or business plan, but take everything day by day. Things do not always go as planned and you could be in a different place in five years, but idealistically, it is a good idea to set some goals, so you have a focus and target point.

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