“A Woman of Achievement”

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In honor of International Women’s Day, here’s an inspirational poem that I wrote, dedicated to all women.

A Woman of Achievement 

I started with sparkle and now exude with the shine
What I have built, will always be mine
An idea, a thought, a dream, a goal, and a plan
All contribute to who I now am
My mentors said you could, and helped pave the way
Of the woman you see stand before you today
A life of hard work, commitment, and drive
The realization of your purpose and why you’re alive
Share with the world, your talent, your strength
Show them there is no limit, no line drawn, no length
Exude your pride But take it in stride
I was a girl with a dream
Now a woman with a plan
Brainstorming in my head And off I ran
A girl who worked hard and set out on a mission
Until my ideas and thoughts came to fruition
I put in energy, resources, and I continue to strive
I will not stop and am determined to thrive
To become a woman who will always achieve
Turn and look inward until you believe
Along the way, there are triumphs and trials
But if you believe in yourself, you’ll go thousands of miles
At the end of the day, realize your worth
Your passion and purpose and why you’re put on this earth
Be a role model for young women, looking up to your light
Let them know that your passion is always worth the fight
I now look and smile at the end of each day
Knowing my passion has guided my way
When I decide to slow down and someday retire
My mission was complete with the goal to inspire

—Melissa Clark, founder of The She Shift

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