How are you a “She Shifter?”

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In today’s world, women are taking the reins in all areas of life. They are thriving at work, at home and setting an example of leadership. Women are bringing important issues to the forefront, collaborating and supporting one another and marching on their own behalf.

Women are driving change on all fronts and the next generation of millennial women are making their mark as well. I refer to these women as “She Shifters.” I attended a women’s conference and the keynote speakers were Barbara Corcoran from The Corcoran Group and an investor on the television show, Shark Tank, as well as Venus Williams, World tennis champion and owner of EleVen by Venus Williams. The energy in this room astounded me and this surge of power could be felt from miles away. The way I would describe it was a strong force of strength, determination, compassion, and hope. Besides the amazing energy that was in that room, I truly absorbed their stories.

Globally, women are striving to make businesses succeed. The stories of “She Shifters” such as Barbara and Venus and the other speakers, I believe, gave the women in the audience hope, confirmed their drive, and made the little girl with a dream, that we all once were, a woman with a vision. Little girls and young women are no longer told, “You can’t work in that profession because it’s a man’s job.” In today’s world, they are encouraged to strive for success in any profession, and Barbara and Venus are pertinent examples.

When I’ve had the opportunity to mentor young women, I’ve seen their hope, as they listen to my story. The shift in the mindset begins within us first; then it expands through action, support, and encouragement. It develops through success, accomplishment and it even develops through challenges and learning from the difficult times placed before us. From there, you can take the steps to make an impact on your own life, the lives of others and become a “She Shifter.”

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