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Things come in stages in life. I’m the type of person who wants to accomplish so many things and I’m so passionate. In my mid-twenties, my first business idea was to have a natural hair care product. I started doing research, started writing a business plan and began contacting labs. This was in between working a full-time job as well. I never fully pursued that business, but I was led to other things. I also never knew I’d do something with health and wellness and I ended up having a Reiki practice. Now I have The She Shift and my life “shifted’ into this direction.

There may be a time in life where things change. Maybe you’ll want to focus on one thing more than another. I try to remember that I’m only one person and I love my work-life balance. The point is that you can have it all, but not all at once. If it comes in stages, that is OK! If you get to accomplish your dreams at different points in life, it will still lead to contentment. Sometimes what we are interested in now, may change down the line. We may decide to take another route or start another kind of business. Also, other opportunities can arise, so you may have to leave things behind. Maybe things didn’t work out financially or perhaps family and life things occurred? I have a theory that even if we can enjoy one piece for a little while, we can always remain joyful from that experience.

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