What Your Teachers Never Told You About Daydreaming

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Guest Blog By Priscilla Keresey – Psychic Medium and Author

You might think that a hypnotist, psychic medium, and spiritual coach would appeal to three very different audiences, yet the clients I see across these three fields have more in common than not. Most are women, and almost all are searching for permission to discover and then express themselves.

They’re empty nesters, retirees, young adults bored with the idea of being an employee at a job they’re ambivalent about. They’re lost or uncertain, yet convinced that there is something inside that feels special, significant, and purposeful: they want to know how to define it so they can begin to follow it.

I ask them all to spend a few minutes daydreaming after asking themselves, “What was my childhood joy? Who is doing the kind of work I feel drawn to? What makes me feel happy when I think about it?”

The daydream is hugely important, because we need to make believe in order to make a belief, and once we have a belief well-situated in our subconscious minds, we can begin to create conscious-mind strategies. Once an idea is made more concrete through the imagination, we can begin to attract the opportunities in our outer environment and respond to the inspiration from our inner environment. Daydreaming sets in motion the Law of Mental Equivalents, which reminds us that unless we can hold a mental picture of our goal we cannot achieve it. If you can’t convincingly imagine yourself successful in your business, achieving that success will be extremely difficult because for every formed “thing” in this Universe, there is and must be a mental equivalent.

Are you primarily a practical person, an intuitive person, or a spiritual person? If you’re the first type, explore self-hypnosis to help you plant the ideas in your subconscious mind. Even if you don’t know what it is that you want or where your passion lies, give yourself suggestions such as, “Every day I discover more about myself. Every day I am more keenly aware of what my mind knows to be just right for me. Every day I am open to new ideas and get closer and closer to meaningful, deeply satisfying self-expression.”

If you tend to be empathic, sensitive, or comfortable with the esoteric, practice simple ESP exercises. When you are confident in your own intuition, you’ll be able to confidently follow your inner GPS to take inspired action without second-guessing yourself. You’ll be able to let your inner mind guide your logical mind to set plans, strategies and timelines for living your most satisfying life.

If God is your co-pilot, pray! When the Great Spirit created the Universe and everything in it, S/He only had the stuff of Her/Himself with which to create… meaning you are made of the same creative stuff. In communion with your Creator, ask for guidance to discover why you were made.

When you align your actions with your dreams, doors open effortlessly!


Priscilla Keresey is recognized throughout the country as one of the most accurate, compassionate, and sought-after evidential mediums, connecting the physical and spiritual worlds for individuals and in group demonstrations. She considers herself a practical psychic, and enjoys helping her clients achieve their business and personal goals. Priscilla teaches workshops on developing psychic ability and offers training for mediums in her message circles.

Priscilla is certified by the National Guild of Hypnotists as an Advanced Clinical Hypnotist. She created and taught a highly-effective six-week program on personal empowerment for female inmates in the New York State Correctional System. Priscilla also teaches self-hypnosis to her private clients and in workshops, with a focus on building self-esteem as the first step to all positive change.

Ordained as an interfaith minister in Israel in 2005, Priscilla acts as guest minister at local Spiritualist churches facilitating services, commitment ceremonies, and funerals.

Priscilla is the author of two books on the Afterlife: “It Will All Make Sense When You’re Dead, Messages From Our Loved Ones In The Spirit World,” and “Nobody Gets Out of This Alive: More Messages From Our Loved Ones In The Spirit World.” Her latest book, called “Fix Your Screwed-Up Life,” helps readers to recover their inherent self-esteem and start living the life of their dreams. She also wrote the popular Live & Learn Guides™ series, and is the author and producer of Live & Learn Guides™ self-hypnosis audio files.


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