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Guest Blog By Elaine Rau – Founder, LadyBossBlogger

There is SO much that goes into creating and maintaining a successful blog. Of all of the aspects and factors that go into a blog, there are 3 that are ABSOLUTELY necessary.

#1 Authenticity
This one is first and foremost to success. You will crash and burn without authenticity. When starting any company, brand, or business, you must do it from a place of genuinely LOVING what you’re creating and promoting because at the end of the day, the ones who are succeeding are the ones who truly love their content regardless if it’s profitable. In turn, this will bring profitability.

#2 Email Marketing
Email marketing is a must. No ifs, ands, or buts; it’s a must. When building your empire and attempting to draw people back to your brand time and time again, it’s essential that you collect those leads in a place where you can follow up and consistently be reaching out to them. While it may seem tedious and unnecessary, it is essential. Even if in the beginning you’re only collecting 5 emails per week, you’re still collecting emails. Without having your readers/followers/fans information saved somewhere where you can reach out to them down the road, there will be no way of converting those leads into customers. And we all know that’s the goal here!

#3 Social Media
Social media is everything in terms of creating brand awareness and getting seen. While this may change down the road, Instagram, Pinterest, and a variety of other social media platforms are critical to building your brand. Staying on top of trends as far as the delivery of your content is one of the biggest factors in guaranteeing the success of your business. If you’re not meeting people where they are at, your content will have no chance to thrive.


Former National Wedding Sales Manager, Elaine Rau lost her brother-in-law, her job, and her home all in one week. Stuck in a developing country with no job opportunities, she had to learn how to make an income online… ASAP. So, she spent her last bit of savings, $12.18 to be exact, and invested in a blog domain: Since its conception, LadyBossBlogger has garnered a massive audience of 150K in under 2 years. It’s a platform that helps female entrepreneurs learn how to start, grow and scale their own online businesses and blogs.

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