What is a key word to successful marketing?

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A word that is key in marketing is….RELATIONSHIPS!

If you’re an entrepreneur or in any business, building and maintaining business relationships with clients and potential clients is very significant. It’s important to establish a contact list and maintain the connections. Establishing a client database and circling back around to follow-up is critical as well. Sometimes what you’re offering may not be needed at that moment, but maybe it will be in the future? I’ve followed-up with people a year later and gained new clients.

Go above and beyond in communicating

I’m well-known for my follow-up with people, and I think this is so important in being the person to take the first step. Whether this be an existing client or potential, I pride myself on being due diligent. I keep a list of pending items and I recently followed up regarding an opportunity from last year, and it allowed me to schedule a call and brought a new opportunity. Keep track and circle back!

Communication plays a key role in building relationships. This isn’t only on the client end, but on the business-resource end as well. There are many people who I have had business relationships with years ago, who are great resources today. Also, ask yourself “How can I be a resource for other business connections?” Collaborations or business swaps are a good way to begin building a relationship with other entrepreneurs.

Social media engagement, periodic calls or meetings are other great ways to establish or build a relationship. I meet many people at events, but the one to one communication is vital to building on the initial contact. I’ve gained knowledge, resource information and clients through having one on one communication with other business connections.

There is so much to be said about cultivating business relationships. This is one of the most essential tips because nurturing relationships cannot only attract more clients, however can lead to client retention, client testimonials and new business, as well as additional business to business connections and resources.

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