Lead by Reflection not by Perfection

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I truly see a leader as someone who directs in a positive manner and leads by example. Whether it be in your professional life or personal life, exemplifying a positive leadership style can have a domino effect in your workplace or in other areas of life. How do you want to be seen as a leader? I’ve always believed that a leader promotes by positive actions and encouragement. As my own experience as a manager and entrepreneur, I know that people are watching and learning from my actions. The leaders that set a positive example for their staff and company, not only leave a great legacy, however create a positive work culture. Examples of positive leadership include:

• Hard work ethic
• Loyalty to your company and job
• Teaching/mentoring those under you
• Showing appreciation and valuing your co-workers and staff
• Taking initiative and being a team leader, whether you are in management or not

I always say “Lead by reflection not by perfection.” Look at yourself in the mirror and hold yourself accountable for your actions. Be a great leader for yourself, but you may be teaching others by your actions as well. Be cognizant of your own behavior, and know that it is acknowledged by others and people may be modeling their behavior after you. No one is perfect either, so you may be teaching others by your mistakes as well. Be a leader to inspire others and help form the next generation of leaders. I always think “What impact am I leaving on the world and people?”

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