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Hi! Welcome to the blog for The She Shift. The She Shift’s mission is to promote and empower women. So why this blog now?

In today’s world, there is a huge “shift” taking place and women are taking the reins in all areas of life (I created a whole business around it!). They are thriving at work, at home and setting an example of leadership. Women are bringing important issues to the forefront, collaborating and supporting one another and marching on their own behalf.

Women are driving change on all fronts and the next generation of millennial women are making their mark as well.

If you’re seeking authentic tips, inspiration and an upbeat blogger, then you’re in the right place! This weekly blog is all about inspiring, empowering and enlightening women. I’ll be offering tips (and there’s a lot of them!) to help build your business and authentic self.

I’ve not only learned through my own path over the last 15 years, however I’ve interviewed and been mentored by so many amazing and successful women and I’m going to share their tips and insight with you as well-all about paying it forward!

The She Shift is a platform and resource for women and a place to be authentically inspired. Your takeaways? Inspiration, of course and tips and thoughts for days! Don’t forget to leave your comments and I’m always an email away to connect and be your “business bestie!” Thank you and enjoy what’s to come!

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