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As a young girl, I always knew I had elaborate dreams. When I was 14, I dreamed of moving to NYC and creating a Super Bowl commercial. While that did not come to fruition, I knew I was meant to have some significant milestones. When I was 18, and at my college orientation, they asked all of the new students to name one word that describes them. My word was determined. I never quite knew what that was going to mean until I looked back in hindsight. Determination and drive, have placed me where I am today. I have been blessed to come from an incredibly supportive family, and I have always kept my momentum. My drive comes from within myself, and I know that many people have a similar motivation.

Every day, I pound the pavement to research, find contacts and perform the due diligence and with that, comes many acknowledgments. In my four years of business, I’ve been featured in approximately 50 publications/podcasts/blogs, as my own PR Consultant.  I was named as one of the “Top 100 Women,” by my college sorority in their centennial year, a “Woman of Distinction” by Women of Distinction magazine, and “Ms. New York, Woman of Achievement,” by Woman of Achievement organization. I contributed to several books, wrote and published a children’s book, and wrote books for women in business and to inspire women. I started a local TV show, to feature other female entrepreneurs with inspiring stories. I launched a podcast and interviewed some high profile women and amazing businesswomen. I also have a line of inspirational/fitness apparel, wrote the lyrics for a song to empower women and have a superhero letter to inspire young girls. My deep joy comes from following my passions, and that’s what keeps me going every day with my business. My passion is helping others, and with my business, I’m able to do that, through various services and products.

My Professional Life in the Present Time

I always thought I had a path; however, my life didn’t go the way I planned, but that was OK. The course of events in my life, brought me to where I am today, allowing me to learn life lessons, through various personal and professional experiences and avenues.  I spent many years, working in male-dominated industries. I’ve always had other passions as well.  I started my first business, The Wholistic Package, in 2014. Because my company was exclusively focused on Reiki (pronounced ray-kee) at the time, I chose a name that represented mind, body and spirit and the concept of wholeness. It also described people as being “the whole package;” emotionally, physically and spiritually complete. I am a certified Reiki practitioner. Reiki is a Japanese healing art, focusing on balancing energy flow to reduce negative energy and toxins and promote positive energy flow. Reiki promotes healing, reduces stress and anxiety and has a multitude of benefits. I believe through energy work and healing, that balance can be restored to the overall well-being of the mind, body, and spirit.

From the time I started my business,  I discovered many things that I’m passionate about, and my focus changed.  I was enlightened during this time when I began connecting with so many amazing women in my community and globally. I started seeing how the world was shifting for business women, and how women were becoming entrepreneurs and empowering each other. While I’m still passionate about wellness, I realized I wanted to work with women, to promote their businesses and inspirational stories. I first began a television show, interviewing local women in my community. As I realized I wanted to be able to feature women globally, I decided to create a podcast. I soon formed my business name and brand, The She Shift, based on the evolution occurring for businesswomen. The She Shift offers to consult with businesswomen and companies. The She Shift also provides empowering books and inspirational apparel. My inspirational apparel evolved from my love of fitness. I find that I and others feel empowered expressing and wearing positive and inspirational quotes and messages on clothing. My idea behind this is that feeling good, begins with YOU, internally. In turn, this gives us mental motivation. When we have the psychological mindset, we start to have real motivation. This mindset is prevalent in achieving and accomplishing goals. When we think we can, and take the steps, we can make things happen, and a vision and dream become a reality. In addition to my products and services, I work with youth as well as entrepreneurs, to mentor and inspire them. I don’t think I imagined what I am doing today, but am joyful at how things flourished. As a woman in my own business, I am enjoying the journey, learning each day, balancing all facets and trying to inspire others to know that they can achieve as well.

The present time in my life consists of being pulled to connect with women. I started to realize that there are so many women supporting women, women taking the leap and creating amazing businesses and organizations and women being recognized in corporate companies. It made me repeatedly think that there is a vast SHIFT taking place. Women are not just moving up, but they are making moves, period! They are a presence, a force and are being seen in every professional genre.  It is not about what women aren’t accomplishing. It’s about what we are achieving, and where we are going.  As women, we know, that WE are exceptional creatures. We are multi-taskers, thinkers, creators, believers, achievers and inspirational beings. When women are determined and have passion and drive, there’s not much we can’t accomplish. We can balance work, life, kids, schedules, expectations—all without breaking a sweat or a heel!

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