The Power of Diversity

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Guest Blog By Arkeah Jacobs

Growing up, I was often told, “It’s not what you say, it’s how you say it.” However, as I became
an adult, I realized it’s more so not what you do but how you do it.

Often, we find ourselves in situations where we feel like we are the underdog, are less fortunate,
have less privilege or just outright at a disadvantage. Why is it that most times we have such a
negative connotation as to what we believe makes us different?

Why not take a different approach and learn how to leverage what we think are our adversities
and harness our inner power to see things move in a positive direction towards greater

With diversity being such a trending topic; now is the time to sit down and have a real
conversation about it. Too many of our youth are dying due to suicide because of being bullied
for their sexual orientation. The entertainment industry is on fire on how to include more
minorities in the creative process. In Corporate America, women are still fighting for equal pay
and to have a seat at the table.

Yet, we indulge ourselves in what greater society is doing and failed to ask ourselves, “What can we do                                                                    within our own lives to create similar impact?”

I will use myself as an example. For several years out of college, I was the youngest on the
payroll. I often found myself in power struggles with my supervisors who thought I was trying to
take over. In my mind, I was just doing my job and felt they should have taken me under their
wing to guide and help mold me. Instead, I was being met with such resistance. I didn’t
understand why until I sat down and realized the power I truly possessed.

I had to use what they felt was a threat as my anchor. That one revelation helped reshape my
focus. I began using my youthfulness, innovative skill set, and the things that made me so
different, to bridge the gap between generations.

Many board meetings I sat in, discussing different perspectives, which gave them a better idea
on how to serve the younger population. In turn, they taught me the importance of taking pride
in what you do, being a positive role model, how to use your voice as a vessel and always
having a teachable spirit; thus, contributing to the woman I am today.

You too can do the same. Find what is unique to you and use that as your voice. The Power of
Diversity is very strong and valuable once we master how to use it in the right ways. Let us
utilize it to birth greater purpose and vision. After all, there is nothing more powerful than a vision whose time has come.

-Arkeah Uncensored


Arkeah, an alumna of Albany State University, brings a broad background of knowledge and experience in establishing, leading, and maintaining organizations. Her expertise as a business strategist, manager, and consultant has yielded her opportunities to partner with top-tier clients in the business community. Her portfolio includes NAACP, EOne Entertainment, WeTV, The Travilla Lost Marilyn Monroe Collection Tour, Dr. Maya Angelou Celebrity Tributes & Women 2 Women Conference, and The Black Caucus. Working with different organizations and business professionals has allowed her to fine tune her talents, therefore leading her into the industry of fashion, film and television. To date, she is the New Faces Director of HOP Models & Talent Agency as well a contributing writer and content developer for various business associates.

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