Marketing, Brand Visibility and Public Relations

  • Connecting your business with valuable contacts
  • Strategic pitching to media platforms with potential
  • features on blogs, podcasts and magazine features
  • Lead generation
  • Potential partnership opportunities for your business
  • Create and implement marketing campaigns for your brand/company
  • Creative press releases

How will this help you grow?

Having your brand gain visibility as well as securing possible media features, will help to gain potential customers, grow your business credibility and platform.

One-on-One Entreprenur Consulting


  • To learn how to start a business
  • To learn how to grow a business
  • To learn how to network
  • To learn how to manage your business
  • To learn about ideas for content marketing
  • To promote your business through my social media and podcast

How will this help you grow?

A vast amount of information and resources will be provided to help you grow as an entrepreneur and build your business. Entrepreneurial information and resources are invaluable and will guide you along your entrepreneurial path.

Women’s Leadership and Work-Life Balance Consulting


  • To build your confidence and leadership skills
  • To learn how to create a more efficient work-life balance
  • To advance in your business position/leadership role

How will this help you grow?

Whether you are an entrepreneur or corporate businesswoman, you may be trying to balance work and life. Our leadership and growth begin within us and overflows into our professional lives. You will be guided in ways to balance your work/life, reduce stress, increase confidence and advance in leadership roles.

Book Writing, Self-Publishing and Book Marketing Consulting


  • Learn how to turn an idea into a book
  • Learn about the writing and self-publishing process
  • Learn how to market your book

How will this help you grow?

You will be provided with a multitude of information regarding how to take an idea and create a book, information and resources for self-publishing and ideas for book marketing.

Promotional Podcast Interview

Share your story, build brand recognition and empower others with a podcast interview.

Share your story and your brand on The She Shift podcast and have your customized interview promoted to thousands of potential listeners. This not only gives you the chance to authentically connect with the audience, however it helps build your brand visibility and credibility as well. If you’re looking to connect with a vast audience of women, this would be a great opportunity. Be the one to tell your story!

How will this help you grow?

  • Podcast listed on The She Shift podcast page
  • Shared on multiple social media platforms with approximately 20k connections
  • Shared with female networking groups and businesswomen
  • Targeted FB ad sent to desired audience

Speaker, Spokesperson, and Brand Partner

Brand Partnerships:
With a background in marketing, television and speaking, Melissa Clark can create an authentic promotional video for products and services to promote on social media platforms. Your promotional video will be shared on The She Shift’s platforms which consist of approximately 20k connections. Each product will be carefully reviewed to see if it aligns with The She Shift’s mission.

How will this help you grow?

Collaborating with The She Shift as a brand partner will give you authentic credibility and visibility in promoting your company via social media.

Speaking and Webinar Topics Include:

  • Melissa’s Journey through Entrepreneurship; Her Story, Inspiration and Advice for Following your Passions
  • The She Shift – How the World is Shifting for Women in Business and Inspirational Advice from 25 Female Leaders
  • Guide to Entrepreneurship and Marketing your Business – Steps to Succeed in Owning your Own Company
  • Women Leadership and Workplace Wellness – The Future of How Wellness and Leadership Coincide and a Guide to Becoming a Great Female Leader
  • From Aspiring Author to Published Author: Writing, Self-Publishing and Marketing a Book

How will this help you grow?

Melissa Clark has years of experience, knowledge and business resources. Whether you have Melissa speak at an event or via a webinar, your audience will gain insight, information and inspiration to utilize in life and business.

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