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Melissa has had the opportunity to be featured in several podcasts. She was so inspired by hearing other women’s stories, that she began a local TV show, called, “Empowering Entrepreneurs,” featuring local women in business and/or women who created community organizations.

Melissa lives in a very supportive community, and truly believes in empowering and inspiring other women, through her story and the story of others.

Melissa began this podcast, as a way to globally highlight women in business, organizations and women with inspiring stories.

If you have a business, that you would like to highlight, an organization that you started, or an empowering life story, please contact Melissa, to possibly be interviewed.

Let’s keep building each other up as women in business and women in the world!

Benefits of signing up for a podcast:

  • Increased exposure for your business/organization; increasing brand recognition
  • A chance to tell your own story and inspire other women
  • Promotion for your business/organization
  • Builds credibility, can add to resume and experience
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