Wellness, Work-Life Balance and Women’s Leadership for Companies and Organizations


  • One to one mentoring and work-life balance consulting
  • Webinar presentations regarding wellness, work-life balance and leadership
  • Resource list of wellness and work-life balance resources/vendors
  • “Wellness and Women’s Leadership” audio guide
  • A copy of  “The She Shift” book

How will this help you grow?

Studies show that companies investing in employees’ wellness, work-life balance, leadership and a positive work culture, is creating a happier, healthier and more productive workplace, in addition to possibly increasing the company’s bottom line. Employees are more likely to be physically and mentally present at work and value a company that values them.

With company healthcare costs on the rise, this is a way to reduce costs, create a positive work culture and create more productive employees. With these services, employees will gain knowledge regarding how to improve their wellness and work-life balance, gain confidence and leadership skills and will be provided with resources to improve their personal and professional lives-which can benefit a company or organization.

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