Melissa is an entrepreneur, published author, lyricist, wellness practitioner, marketing specialist and women’s leadership professional. Melissa has gained knowledge, experience, resources and networking experience in several industries.

Melissa has had the opportunity of working with international award-winning authors, social media influencers, celebrities, entrepreneurs and leaders in business.

Melissa is passionate about sharing her knowledge and expertise with others to help them build their businesses and authentic self.

Public Relations

Melissa is offering public relations services to businesses and individuals. Services include press releases, lead generation, pitching your business to media outlets and creating brand visibility. Melissa has years of PR experience and has secured many publicity opportunities including article publications, blogs, podcasts and speaking opportunities. Contact Melissa directly to learn more about PR pricing.


Melissa is offering 1 to 1 consulting including:

• Steps to Successful Entrepreneurship and Content Marketing

• Women’s Leadership and Work-Life Balance

• Book Writing, Self-Publishing and Book Marketing

Melissa will share her knowledge, resources, experiences and essential contacts with you, to build your success.

There are packages available for each topic: one month, two months, or three months of consulting. There is the option to add additional months and sessions. Also, please feel free to contact Melissa regarding hourly sessions.

Melissa will provide an assessment form for the specified topic area and will identify your background, skills, current role and goals through the assessment questionnaire. Melissa will then provide ideas, a plan and strategy to help you achieve your goals. There will be weekly goals, accountability activities, and deadlines to achieve desired results.

Weekly phone or video consultations will be scheduled to discuss progress and how to adjust your actions. Melissa will also answer weekly emails as well.

Each week when you check in, you will discuss the activities: what you accomplished, what you learned, what you feared and what you gained. From there, Melissa will analyze, assess, adjust and applaud.

Melissa will be your ally, your cheerleader, and your accountability partner. Melissa will hold you accountable in achieving these tasks and actions as her goal is to authentically see you succeed.

Melissa will share her knowledge, resources, experiences and essential contacts with you, to build your success.

Please visit the link below for more information regarding consulting packages and please feel free to visit the “contact” tab, to contact Melissa. Thank you.

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