Are you a businesswoman or woman with an inspiring story? The She Shift helps businesswomen and women with inspiring stories, obtain publicity and connect with their audience using social media and interviews. Below are a variety of packages, to select from, to promote your business or story.

Promotional Packages

Dynamically Driven – $39.99

Highlighting your business in one post, including photo

Email a brief description about your business, photo and social media links. Be sure to follow me on social media (links on contact page) and I will tag you in the post, so you can share!

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Exemplifying Excellence – $59.99

Send a one minute video about your business

Who has more passion about your business than you? Email a one minute video, describing your business and send social media links. The video will be posted to all social media.

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Motivating Mentor – $79.99

Written Q&A interview, including photo and social media links

This written Q&A interview, will allow you to go in depth, about your business and background. I will email you questions and you can return the answers, via email. This will be posted on website and social media. Suggested answer length; paragraph for each question.

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Leading Lady – $99.99

Podcast interview with up to 3 photos

Incredible opportunity to talk about your background, experiences and your business, as well as offer advice to other women in business.

  • Approximately 30 min. interview via audio/video, using Zoom
  • Collage of up to 3 photos included in post
  • Profile and social media links included in post

This will be posted on website and social media; including SoundCloud and ITunes. Buy Now

Content Creator – $199.99

Creative content for social media

Creative social media content strategy, utilizing 15 years of marketing experience. The creative content ideas/strategy that I have implemented, has helped increased my followers to over 15k and growing. I will also provide networking group suggestions. This is a one-time customized content strategy plan; including content ideas, PR suggestions, and networking ideas. Buy Now