Promotional Packages

Dynamically Driven – $49.99

Highlighting your business in one post, including photo

Email a brief description about your business, photo and social media links. Be sure to follow me on social media (links on contact page) and I will tag you in the post, so you can share!

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Exemplifying Excellence – $69.99

Send a one minute video about your business

Who has more passion about your business than you? Email a one minute video, describing your business and send social media links. The video will be posted to all social media.

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Motivating Mentor – $99.99

Written Q&A interview, including photo and social media links

This written Q&A interview, will allow you to go in depth, about your business and background. I will email you questions and you can return the answers, via email. This will be posted on website and social media. Suggested answer length; paragraph for each question.

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Leading Lady – $199.99

Podcast interview with up to 3 photos

Incredible opportunity to talk about your background, experiences and your business, as well as offer advice to other women in business.

  • Approximately 30 min. interview via audio/video, using Zoom
  • Collage of up to 3 photos included in post
  • Profile and social media links included in post

This will be posted on website and social media; including SoundCloud and ITunes. Buy Now

Content Creator – $499.99

Creative content for social media

Creative social media content strategy, utilizing 15 years of marketing experience. The creative content ideas/strategy that I have implemented, has helped increased my followers to over 15k and growing. I will also provide networking group suggestions. Buy Now