Elaine Rau, Founder, LadyBossBlogger

Tell me about your background, your story and how you got into this business?

I was working in the wedding industry in Chicago and absolutely loved what I did, but didn’t realize I was burning myself out by working every single waking moment. One day my body couldn’t handle the stress anymore so I decided to listen to it, quit and move to Central America to be reunited with my fiancé! The transition wasn’t the smoothest considering that I didn’t have a plan, had just moved away from everything and everyone I knew and was in a foreign third world country where I didn’t speak the language. I also wasn’t able to apply for the jobs I wanted due to the fact that I didn’t speak Spanish. My job had defined me for so long and it was hard being without it. Due to my situation, I knew I needed to find my own identity and purpose again and since I had nothing better to do, I started a blog. I wanted to write about who I wanted to be: a female entrepreneur. And since I couldn’t afford a mentor, I drafted an interview with questions I was curious about and sent it to some inspirational ladies in hopes that they would reply so I could learn from them! It was a big hit and after a few weeks of seeing how well my posts were doing and seeing that I was creating something of value, I decided to create a sales packet to market my interviews and that is how I started my business.

What does your company/organization provide?

We interview female entrepreneurs from all over the world. What we provide is a platform where ladies can feature their businesses and show off their accomplishments. We blast the blog to our 10,000+ followers across our social media channels to help generate the buzz you desire for your business. We also do collaborations where we team up with digital influencers and swap features on each other’s blogs. Email me at if you are interested in being featured!

What successes and challenges have you experienced as a woman in business?

Having no background in marketing or creating a blog, it has all been very new and exciting for me to see how well it has been doing! I feel like I have finally found something where I can use all my talents in one place and it fits all my desires – the desire to work 100% remotely, make money online, and be my own boss! What comes with being the boss though, is that everything is on your shoulders. The harder you work, the more results you will see and the faster your business will grow. Luckily I worked several 100% commission jobs previously to prepare me for this type of work.

What are your goals and where do you see this endeavor, five years from now?

“Sometimes when you follow your dreams, it opens the door for others to follow theirs”. I really want my platform to not only inspire the ladies who are featured on it, but also to provide opportunities for women who want to get into blogging, or have the desire to uplift and empower ladies in the working world, or just want to learn more about the digital space in the form of an internship. I currently have several positions available including PR, Social Media, Sales and YouTube – please apply here. In 5 years I hope to have developed a solid LadyBossBlogger team to run the business.

Are you involved with any networking groups, that may be beneficial for other women?

The Ladybossblogger Networking Group is pretty awesome ;)! We have several hundred women entrepreneurs in the group who are full of knowledge about resources and are just waiting to give good advice! You are free to join and ask any question about entrepreneurship that you have! Or if you have a piece of advice that you would like to share, record yourself in a video (less than 3 minutes long) first briefly introducing yourself, then sharing your expertise with everyone else.

What’s your advice for women to inspire others?

Just because you are struggling, does not mean you are failing. Last month my blog extremely well, but this month I have been struggling… and that is ok! Entrepreneurship is a roller coaster, there will be up and downs, but most importantly, you need to enjoy the ride! The process is just as important as the finished product. As long as you are putting one foot in front of the other and taking action – then no matter how small the steps you: you are moving forward, and you should be proud of yourself! We are so hard on ourselves as women and need to take time and remember to celebrate and reward ourselves for our accomplishments!

Where can we find out more information about you and your company?

Facebook Group